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Introducing our Keepsake range with which we are aiming to rescue and restore secondhand pieces and bring them back to life again.


This ceramic item is a secondhand piece that has been carefully selected by our designer Esther and then taken to the studio to be overpainted with gold lustre details before being refired in our solar powered kiln. We hope it becomes a piece that you treasure for many years to come!


This mug has a cream body with a beige band at the bottom , and a stamp underneath that says 'Genuine Stonewear Japan'. As the mug is secondhand and the gold lustre is handpainted there may be slight imperfections - we think it adds to the charm! 


Treat the gold lustre with care by washing with a soft cloth, and do not use in microwave or dishwasher. This item is foodsafe.


You will receive one of two pieces that slightly differ from each other as they are handpainted. Both pieces are included in the photos of this listing.

Keepsake Mug with gold lustre details

  • This mug measures approx 9cm wide across the top and 7cm high. Colours may appear slightly different in real life when compared to images. 

    Gold lustre care: Do not microwave or use in a dishwasher. Handwash with care.

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