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Proudly made in Melbourne, all Togetherness decisions are made with a focus on low environmental footprint.

As a small, independent business, we feel empowered by the choices we get to make when creating a new piece of work, as it allows us to imbue everything we do with our own set of values, of which minimising environmental footprint is very important.

Within our garment and textile-based range of products, we focus on using natural fibres which are thoughtfully considered for their durability, wearability and ability to break down at the end of the product life. Collections are not season specific and all pieces are made in small batches and quantities, which ensures less wastage of materials and aims to avoid the throwaway nature of trend driven fast fashion.


The majority of Togetherness products are made in house at our studio, with sewing and patternmaking outsourced to a local seamstress.


The digital printing we use utilises a low impact process without the need for harmful chemicals and minimising water use, and the small quantities we print ensures low wastage. We also like to use up our fabric scraps by making small batches of scrunchies and cushion covers from time to time. Our ceramics are fired in a solar powered kiln.


We've also taken the step of considering environmental footprint beyond the making stage and have implemented sustainable packaging, carbon neutral shipping and recycling or composting of waste products at our studio wherever possible.

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